Welcome Into My World Of Imagination

This blog is a blog dedicated to my writing. My stories and fairytales, my fan fiction and maybe even poems, although they are very private and I am not sure they are for sharing, but who knows, stranger stuff has happened.

I’m not a professional, my grammar sucks at times and I love to write smut when smut is appropriate. My mind might be a bit twisted, a lot of my stories are rather dark and even disturbing, but I do write fluff occasionally. I’m just saying, I am better at psychologically damaged characters than loving, caring people.

Much of what is uploaded here is old fan fiction. Old and cringy, but they are a part of my history and I think they have a place here even though they might lack in a lot of places. They are all about those two dudes who wrote that irritating song about the fox; Ylvis. I had a somewhat annoying crush for a very long while and produced a ridiculous amount of fiction during that time. Some of those I will upload, including my very first fan fiction; Oslo – Zanzibar. That’s some quality reading right there.

Well, I hope you will find something interesting to read. More will come as time goes by.

Thank you for stopping by.



Another Chapter And A New Fan Fiction

Yes! I uploaded chapter two of my trilogy about Maja, William and Benjamin. I know, it is an old story and it kind of shows in my writing but I love it to bits. It took a lot of time and dedication to write that thing (I think I mentioned it used to be a fan fiction at one point). It has a special place in my heart. So yeah, I’ll keep uploading it.

But, here’s some news; I have uploaded the first chapter of my Free!/Kuroko no Basket fan fiction. It will be focusing mostly on Sousuke and Aomine actually. No, they are not an item, they are partners and besties. They do however have their own love interests so yeah, smut will occur. And some tragedy and drama, and stuff. You’ll see. Anyway, it’s up now.